Trainer Listings

Avery, Sherry : RN-BC

  • Thearpeutic Communication Basics / Communicating Effectively with Elders
  • Got Stress

Hawthorne, Sadie : Director of Educational Services at VCBR

  • Professional : Assess Thyself
  • Emotional Intelligence 101

Lucas, Elizabeth : CTRS

  • Fun With Games and Music
  • I Gotta Be Me!

McCue, Rebecca : MT-BC

  • Adapting Activities for Residents With Lower Functioning Abilities
  • The Benefits of Music with the Person with Dementia: How Music Supports Personhood

McFadden, Millicent : Psy.D.

  • Art Therapy - Based Interventions with the Older Adult Population

Moran, Andrea : mt-BC

  • Music and your body - How Music Affects Us and How to Use Music Effectively

Myers, William

  • Building a Safety Program: Meeting Joint Commission EOC

Norman, David : LPN II & CCnremt-Paramedic

  • Sleep Issues for You and Your Patients

Righter, Patricia : Aprn, BC

  • Anxiety in Older Adults
  • Caring for Depressed Elderly Persons

    Ramirez, Deirdre : RN, MSN

    • Managing Challenging Behaviors During ADLs
    • Attention Deficit Disorder & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Informed Trauma Care
    • Successful Aging
    • Cultural Competencies
    • Got Stress

    Smid, Linda : LCSW, ACSW

    • Working with Families


    • Personality Disorders in the Elderly

    Pending Presenter

    • Being the Employer of Choice
    • Managing Vilolence in the Workplace
    • Striving for a Drug Free Workplace
    • Supervison: Conepts & Practice


    • When Mental Disorders Cause Challenging Behaviors: Effective Stategies for Caregivers

    Other topics can be developed as needed. Contact us for more information.