Training Resources For Those Who Care For The Elderly

Piedmont Geriatric Institute is the community training arm of Piedmont Geriatric Hospital                             PGI Trainers        UPCOMing Events

Emphasis On The Practical

  Those who ask for training assistance usually tell us that the training should be practical and useable. Much of the training that has been provided by some agencies has been too academic and theoretical. Responding to this, the Institute emphasizes practical application and task-oriented training. It concentrates on training in "how to do it," rather than simply providing "knowledge about;" on skill development, rather than theory; on implementing specific methods of personal care, rather than just providing background information.

  Taught by PGH and affiliated staff, PGI trainings present the most recent, relevant, and comprehensive information possible about geriatric mental health. The Institute offers continuing education credits through John Tyler Community College, and helps satisfy CEU requirements for a variety of healthcare disciplines.

PGI Coordinator : Christy Ballou

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It is the mission of Piedmont Geriatric Institute to provide resources which can be used in delivering training and consultation to those who care for the elderly in various community settings. It provides an outreach function through which individuals and organizations may request information and training, and benefit from the unique staff talents and skills that are available in a geriatric hospital.


  •  Provide resources for training those who work with the elderly in community settings.
  • Deliver educational activities for elderly community residents.
  • Design training programs and materials that can be used in training those who care for the elderly.
  • Provide assistance to community agencies in support of their training efforts.
  • Conduct workshops and training activities.
  • Evaluate the results of training.